The clock is ticking. will you resist?

"a tragic race, humans. Yet they possess an ability to empathize that has thus far prevented them from self-Destruction." - lord kadora  

Aurelia here. I need your help! In the year 2038 through advanced studies in Quantum Physics and Psychology, it becomes known that not only is the behavior of quantum particles deterministic rather than probabilistic, but that the determining factor forcing the outcome of each entangled state resides in your thoughts. In short, one can simply 'will' the outcome of a situation into fruition, resonating from the subatomic level to real-world scenarios. 

The problem is, we're not the first ones to discover this. In fact, the sole knowledge of this ability poses a great threat to outside races and now Earth is under attack. By occupying the human mind, the Azura have infiltrated our major institutions and will stop at nothing to hinder this higher knowledge from coming to light, even if it means destroying Earth in the process.   

Luckily for us, there is a loop-hole in their master plan. We as humans possess the inherent ability to reach a higher consciousness that allows us to be more in-tune with ourselves, and in turn, the Universe. It is with this higher consciousness that we are able to overcome the mind-control of outside forces and resist the galactic parasites that have taken our home from us. This is where you come in. The time is now to realize your higher power as a human and join the Resistance against the evil Azura. The journey to higher knowledge and adventure of a lifetime awaits you! Do you have what it takes, to resist?


Step inside the world of Axon Infinity, a sci-fi adventure to the ultimate Awakening


Written by a celebrated neurologist, Axon Infinity is an epic tale of the hero's journey rooted in science fiction that dives deep into the human mind and its ability to evolve to a higher consciousness. Join Aurelia this fall for the first installment of the 7-series adventure entitled,  Axon Infinity: Genesis. 


Alongside the novel are the various EEG-compatible Axon Infinity apps released by Qneuro, Inc. as educational software for students K-6. Explore the adaptable environment and engage in various math assessments that target higher learning to ultimately hone skills learned in the classroom, and monitor your brain activity while doing so!


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